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Preschool Prodigies

Teach your kids to play an instrument, to sing with confidence, and to love the process of learning, no matter your musical background. Happy musicing!

Free Songbook and Playground Starter Program:

Welcome to Preschool Prodigies

A brief introduction to Preschool Prodigies from host Mr. Rob and co-creator Sam

Meaningful Exposure to Pitch Explained

Discover the unique benefits of meaningful play with pitch during the critical years for auditory development.

The Lifelong Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

In case you’re unfamiliar with the amazing cognitive benefits that come from learning a musical instrument, check out this short and sweet video from TED Ed.

Not only is playing a musical instrument beneficial for your brain, but the younger you can start, the more second-nature the language of music will become! That’s thanks to what we call meaningful play with pitch during the critical years for auditory development, which is the basis for many of the lessons inside the Preschool Prodigies Playground.

What Is Preschool Prodigies?

Preschool Prodigies your one-stop-shop to teaching your kids how to play an instrument.

Once you’ve enrolled in the Preschool Prodigies Playground, you’ll have access to our website that provides step-by-step music lessons specifically for children ages 3-7.

The website delivers a series of video music lesson with host and creator, Mr. Rob.

Each video also comes with colorful sheet music, printable activities, parent/teacher guidance and video annotations for making the most out of each lesson.

The lessons focus on playing a colorful instrument, singing with the Solfege hand-signs, and developing your musical ear through listening games. We also play a lot of call and response rhythm songs to teach children to read and understand rhythms at an early age.

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Teach Your Kids to Sing in Tune

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Featured Testimonial

Everyday Boo has music lessons w/ his bells! This is called Preschool Prodigies. It teaches solfege, simple songs, chords, and all sorts of other musical things. He hits his little bells and sings part of the songs.

He can already sing on pitch and knows several of the solfege names and their pitches. He doesn’t hit the right bell just yet in accordance with the correct pitch, but we are working on that. Children are never too young to learn music and sing on pitch. Just because he is two doesn’t mean he has to do “cute, off pitch” singing. Teach them early! Boo spends about 30 mins doing this…not because I make him but because he wants to. He gets so excited when I get his bells out!

– Michael Mandy Lining

“My kids are both eagerly singing and playing along, often in tune too.  They give ‘concerts’ to anyone who happens to be around after a music lesson. I love how your program made our house come alive with music!  Thank you so much!”

– Marina, South Africa



I can’t get her off her keyboard

– Jarrod, Australia

Mr. Rob is fun, energetic and engaging!

– Freja’s Mom

She’s obsessed with Sweet Beets

– Parker’s Mom

Try the very first bell lesson, “Hello C”

Each video lesson comes with parent correspondence, integrated worksheets, songsheets and a large group lesson plan, so that you can use PsP effectively at home and at school.

Free Songbook & Starter Program

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