Sing, Sign & Play Your Way to an Amazing Music Education

Colorful Music Curriculum for Kids Ages 2 – 12. Easy to use at Home or School.

PsP Melodies Season 2

New Free Episodes for Music in Our Schools Month!

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Start Your Child’s Musical Journey Today!

Prodigies is a series of 200+ colorful, lovable and accessible music lessons. Whether you’re a parent with zero musical background or a teacher with years of practice, your kids will be singing, signing and playing their way to a music education in minutes.


Your Kids Will...

  • Develop a strong sense for pitch, rhythm and music
  • Practice memorized pitch skills using the Solfege Hand-Signs
  • Learn to play their first musical instrument
  • Learn to read music in a fun, colorful and stress-free way
  • Sing about colors, numbers, letters and solfege
  • Write songs & complete cross curricular activities
  • Fall in love with the language and art of music

How It Works...

  • Prodigies combines bells, step-by-step workbooks and over 200 video music lessons to deliver the music education of a lifetime
  • Students focus on the fundamental building blocks of music in ways that are developmentally appropriate, memorable and fun
  • Prodigies focuses on the power concept of giving children "meaningful exposure to individual musical notes during the critical years of auditory development" which heps to develop a life-long sense of perfect pitch
  • Prodigies is accessed through your web browser, so simply fire up your computer, tablet or phone, visit and start #HappyMusicing

Why It Works...

  • Prodigies is color coded for error-proof learning
  • Prodigies presents the language of music in a way that's colorful, accessible and fun
  • Playing a musical instrument is considered "a full body workout for your brain" and so the skills practiced with Prodigies helps all areas of cognitive development
  • Prodigies focuses on "meaningful play with pitch" while kids are still developing their sense for pitch and language and therefore is more effective than most music programs

What's Inside Prodigies...

  • 200+ Video Music Lessons inside Preschool Prodigies, Primary Prodigies, PsP Melodies, Recorder Prodigies & Holiday Prodigies
  • 600+ pages of printable sheet music and curriculum worksheets (Pro & Lifetime)
  • Parent/Teacher resources including training videos, printable curriculum elements, read more sections, Prodigies calendar, lesson guides, video annotations and more
  • Marketing Materials and affiliate oppurtunities for Pro & Lifetime Members
  • Preview our library of video lessons at


“My kids are both eagerly singing and playing along, often in tune too.  They give ‘concerts’ to anyone who happens to be around after a music lesson. I love how your program made our house come alive with music!  Thank you so much!”

– Marina, South Africa


“We homeschool our 5 and 7 year old boys, and we knew we wanted to include music education classes at some point… We love everything about the PsP program–the workbooks, the videos, the bells.

My kids are playing and singing with solfege, handsigns, numbers, colors, and the note letter names! They are speaking a whole new language!”

– Lauren, United States


“Wow! This program is amazing and my kids who are 6, 4 and 2 absolutely love it! They are learning so much and always want it on.

As a musician myself this is such a great all rounded package with the videos downloadable sheets and lesson plans for parents covering so much about music and theory in a really fun way. Can’t believe my two year old actually sings solfege – I remember doing it at music college!”

– Amanda, United States

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Bells are currently SOLD OUT! Pre-order Bells for May 30th, grab some Boomwhackers, a Piano, a XylophoneColored Stickers, or use our Prodigies Bells app instead. If you’d like bells for late Spring or early Summer, order now!