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Preschool Prodigies

Teach your kids to play an instrument, to sing with confidence, and to love the process of learning, no matter your musical background. Happy musicing!

Free Songbook and Playground Starter Program:

Preschool Prodigies is super simple.

To start music lessons today, you will need to…

1. Get a color coded instrument

A set of deskbells, as set of resonator bells, a xylophone or a piano w/ color coded stickers, each make a good starting instrument. 

2. Join the Preschool Prodigies Playground

Inside the PsP Playground, discover 75+ video music lessons, hundreds of printable pages of sheet music and activites, and tons of guidance for both parents at home and teachers in the classroom. You can access all of the content straight from your browser, or purchase a premium plan that allows you to download all of the videos to your computer.

Meaningful Exposure to Pitch Explained

Discover the unique benefits of meaningful play with pitch during the

critical years for auditory development. 

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“My kids are both eagerly singing and playing along, often in tune too.  They give ‘concerts’ to anyone who happens to be around after a music lesson. I love how your program made our house come alive with music!  Thank you so much!”

– Marina, South Africa



I can’t get her off her keyboard

– Jarrod, Australia

Mr. Rob is fun, energetic and engaging!

– Freja’s Mom

She’s obsessed with Sweet Beets

– Parker’s Mom

With Preschool Prodigies, you and your kids will…

Learn to Play an Instrument

Did you know that playing an instrument is the brain’s equivalent to doing a full body workout? Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, you and your kids will be playing in no-time. 

Sing and Hand-Sign with Solfege

Our music lessons focus on using the Curwen hand signs to pair concrete kinesthetic motions to musical notes and pitches. It’s so easy, children as young as 1 can do it! Plus the hand-signs create an instrument-free method for practice!

Develop Your Sense of Pitch and Rhythm

By getting meaningful play with pitch during the critical years for auditory development, children can develop the rare musical skill of perfect pitch! Plus, with our fun and kid friendly approach to learning rhythm, your kids will be clapping, tapping and drumming their hearts out!


Learn to Read and Write Music

Preschool Prodigies uses color coded music to make getting started easy, and slowly transitions you to reading regular sheet music! Plus, we make reading music fun and easy the whole way through.

Try the very first bell lesson, “Hello C”

Each video lesson is accompanied comes with parent correspondence, integrated worksheets, songsheets and a large group lesson plan, so that you can use PsP effectively at home and at school

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Join the Preschool Prodigies Playground Playground

PsP Silver

Streaming Videos + Digital Curriculum
  • Immediate access to 60 video music lessons inside Level 1 of the PsP Playground
  • 500 Pages of printable activities and sheet music for each lesson (paperback versions available)
  • My First Songbook: Volume I and II
  • Pacing guides, checklists and parent correspondence for each lesson
  • Downloadable Playground audios and two BONUS CD’s from Mr. Rob and Nature Jams
  • E-mail support and program updates

PsP Schools/District

At Home Access for Students & Customized Plans for School Groups
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Free Songbook & Starter Program

Start Your Child’s Musical Journey Today!

No instrument or musical skills required

5 Video Lessons w/ Integrated Worksheets and Colorful Sheet Music

My First Songbook Volume I

Bonus: Raising a Young Musician eBook

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