15 Reasons to Join Prodigies Lifetime This April

by | Apr 6, 2018

If you’ve been thinking about a music program for your kids, your school, or your group, we’re giving you 15 Reasons to Join Prodigies Lifetime this April!

1. FOUR TIMES as many videos as last year!

On April 1st, 2017, Prodigies consisted of 64 videos inside of Preschool Prodigies and another 10 inside PsP Melodies. Flash forward to April of this year, and there are over 300 videos inside of the Preschool Prodigies, PsP Melodies, Holiday Prodigies, Recorder Prodigies, Performance Prodigies & Primary Prodigies. See for yourself by visiting the Index!

2. NEW Releases ALL Spring inside Primary Prodigies Chapter 2

We’re currently airing new episodes of Primary Prodigies. Inside Chapter 2, we’re talking about a more advanced musical concept called Intervals, and we’re slowly transitioning toward reading black and white sheet music on the treble clef. Primary Chapter 2 will be at least 8 sections long with multiple lessons and one song in each section, and we’ll be learning a repetoire of songs to help us memorize the most common intervals.

3. 200% Price Increase Coming May 1st! Save $400 by joining this April!

The current baseline price for Prodigies Lifetime is $600. For #MOYC, we’re taking 33% off Prodigies Lifetime, making it $400. However, once May 1st rolls around, we will be raising the base level price to $800. While that might seem like a lot, it’s less than $3 per music lesson and they come complete with sheet music, worksheets, parent guidance and more. Plus, you can take the .MP4s with you for offline use in the car, in a classroom or wherever you want!

4. Dozens of new Orff styled performance tracks in Performance Prodigies

We recently started bolstering Preschool Prodigies with lots of Orff friendly Performance Tracks. This way, you’ll have a lot more songs to work through within each Chapter and you’ll even be able to rotate instruments using the video scores from Performance Prodigies.

5. With Prodigies Lifetime, you get grandfathered into all content, now and forever!

Prodigies Lifetime is essentially an early-buy in option for Prodigies. We’re a small, boot-strapped family company, and Prodigies Lifetime members spend big up front to get in on the ground floor of Prodigies. Lifetime Members get access to all the content we’ve created so far and when we add new content to Prodigies, you’ll have instant access and be the first to know about it.

6. Unlock ALL curriculum video downloads for offline use

Besides being grandfathered into the system, you also get the ability to download ALL the video files (.mp4s) that make up Prodigies. This way, you’ll have the videos forever, whenever you need them, no internet required! This is super helpful if you’re taking a long road trip, teaching in a place with a bad internet connection, or for any number of reasons! The video downloads also make it easy to put Prodigies on a flash drive, plug it into your SmartTV, and start rocking out in the living room no problem!i

7. Multiple Students or Siblings? Prodigies Lifetime gets you the most bang for your buck!

If you have one kid at home, Prodigies Lifetime unlocks years worth of musical learning for about 3 months worth of typical private lessons. If you have multiple kids using Prodigies at home or in your studio however, you all of the sudden start making huge musical returns on your investment into Prodigies Lifetime. Where as most private lessons are one-on-one and paid for by the hour, Prodigies Lifetime means you have unlimited access to hundreds of music lessons for as many kids as in your home or classroom!

8. There are less than 2,000 Prodigies Lifetimes left!

We recently shared our more long term plans for Prodigies Lifetime, which is to do away with Prodigies Lifetime as a membership option after 2,500 members. We’re currently in the 700-800 range member wise, so we’re not getting there just yet, but by the end of 2019, we will definitely be looking at removing Prodigies Lifetime as an option for parents and teachers alike, and moving more strictly to a recurring membership like Netflix or Amazon.

9. Run music classes with Prodigies and never have to worry about a fee or subscription for new content!

Lots of music programs meant to be used by music teachers require some kind of monthly or annual fee. Not Prodigies Lifetime! This means you can invest once, and run music classes using Prodigies for years and years to come, and you’ll never have to worry about buying your curriculum again. Furthermore, we’ve heard from dozens of parents that Prodigies makes it so easy to run a music class, that even if you’ve never taught music before, you could be running local music classes in no-time using Prodigies.

10. Bells are arriving and shipping soon!

We simply cannot stock bells fast enough! We’ve been turning around our usual shipments of 300 or 1,000 bells faster than ever, and after our last shipment, we went stocked to sold-out in less than 30 days! Thankfully, the next boat load arrives this April so we’ll be shipping bells by early or mid-may guaranteed! Some people have been waiting for their bells for 2-3 months now, but by ordering this April, your only a few weeks (at most) away from getting your bells! In the meantime, there are tons of lessons that focus on the Solfege hand-signs inside Prodigies Lifetime and you can also use our Free Prodigies Bells app as a digital alternative in the mean time!

11. Make money being a Prodigies Ambassador

If you have multiple students or classes of kids taking Prodigies, you can earn a comission if they enroll in the Playground at home! Becoming a Prodigies Pro or Lifetime Member unlocks our Ambassador program and many of our ambassadors end up paying off their Lifetime Membership in the first 1-3 months depending on how many students they’re working with!

12. Your kids CAN develop the amazing ability of Perfect (Absolute) Pitch!

Kids who receive meaningful play with individual musical notes during early childhood can develop this amazing musical ability to identify notes without a refernece. It helps with singing, composing, improvising and everything musical! Check out the video above of Boo acing his most recent pitch test!

13. Epic Savings this April for the Month of the Young Child, as well as Free Shipping on all U.S. Orders!

April is the Month of the Young Child, so we’re throwing a month long sale! Check out the details here or visit the Prodigies Shop to save this April!

14. Chromatic Adventures Coming Soon!

As we get further into Primary Prodigies, more and more of our students, members and fans are asking for more of a focus on the Chromatic Notes. With that in mind, our newest Songbook features a lot of chromatic notes and we’re simultaneously working on new videos to help your kids get comfortable with the Chromatics!

15. Don’t take our word for it…just listen to our current members!

Want to read some parent/teacher testimonials for Prodigies Lifetime?!?! You can find some on the Prodigies Lifetime product page here, you can visit our testimonials page here, or check out our Facebook reviews here.  

And a bonus…

This Summer and Fall, we’ll be releasing Playtime Prodigies, which is going to serve as a primer to Preschool Prodigies with even easier lessons, more movement activities, and lots of 1 or 2 note studies

And on top of that, we’re working on a series of audios for infants that we’re calling Totigies, that will give you some infant (and even pre-natal) listening material!

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