7 Ways to Deck Out Your Music Classroom

by | Aug 12, 2018

Looking for some ways to deck out your music classroom for the new school year? We have put together a list of fresh ideas that you can implement in your room! In this list, you’ll find just a little bit of everything from bulletin boards to organizational systems, from music listening corners to classroom décor. Take a look around and then make your music classroom awesome!

1. Instrument Storage

Boomwhackers are awesome, but they are probably one of the hardest instruments to attempt to store neatly. You can’t just prop them up in the corner or lay them on a shelf because they tend to fall over and roll all over the place! Check out these ideas for storing those stubborn boomwhackers for less stress and easier accessibility! Elementary Etudes uses a nifty shoe holder for storage. IWB Music uses velcro to attach boomwhackers to a bulletin board strip on the wall. This storage idea from Pinsdaddy uses labeled cans for their boomwhackers while Mrs. King’s Music Class uses plastic bag storage containers from IKEA. Pick what works best for you!

I love this idea from Pinterest that uses plastic file folder crates from a office supply store! Simply place the recorders in the holes for easy accessibility! Teaching with Orff uses leftover toilet paper rolls for storage, and Organized Chaos uses magazine holders.

This ukulele wall from Pinterest makes me so happy! It’s such a great idea to use tool hooks from the hardware store for hanging them on the wall. I also love this drying rack storage idea from Twitter! Either one of these would be perfect for your classroom.

Rhythm Band Instruments
You may have a lot of rhythm band instruments that you aren’t sure how to organize. Pinterest gives a great example of how to use a peg board for storing them all! Sew Much Music also shows us how to use labeled storage containers for instruments. Whether you use storage containers or a peg board, the key is to keep like instruments together and label everything.

2. Bulletin Boards

The first thing students are going to see when they enter your classroom isn’t going to be a perfectly organized instrument shelf or the details written all over the chalkboard. Apart from your smiling face, they are going to quickly notice brightly colored and attention grabbing bulletin boards. Maybe they’ll read the inspiring quote about music. Maybe they’ll find their name on the “Welcome to My Class” board. Or, maybe they’ll be drawn to a musical concept you have displayed. Check out these bulletin board ideas that we put together on the Prodigies Blog! And, if you’re needing some more bulletin board inspirations, take a look at a few of these boards via Pinterest.

Composer of the Month
Recorder Corner
Autumn Music Board
Solar Solfege

3. Classroom Décor

Don’t have access to a bulletin board? That’s okay! There are plenty of other ways to decorate your room and keep your students’ attention! Try decorating your classroom door like a giant piano or xylophone!

You can also download two free Prodigies Posters here!

Sew Much Music has tons of creative ideas for decking out a music room down to the very last detail! Her classroom is a songbird theme, and she refers to her students as songbirds! Check out how she used old records from the thrift store to create balloons and how she created seats with hidden storage from file folder crates and cushions!

This giant piano would fit perfectly under a dry erase board and could be used as an interactive teaching tool! This recorder fingering visual and this music sign made out of paper plates add some fun to a music classroom!

4. Music Stage

I stumbled upon these super creative music stages and thought they would be perfect for a classroom! Just set one up on a wall or in a corner, and you’ll have instant classroom décor plus the perfect spot to rehearse! Take a look at a few of my favorites!

Circus Style Stage
Princess Style Stage 
Shower Curtain Rod Stage 
Outer Space Stage 
DIY Carpeted Stage  
Steel Pipe Stage
PVC Pipe Backdrop

5. Listening Corner

Music classrooms are supposed to be full of noise and fun, but sometimes you just need some quiet! Set up a music listening corner in your room to create a nice place for your students to listen to music quietly on their own! First Grade Fancy uses pillows on the floor and hooks for hanging headphones for their listening corner. This set up from Pinterest uses DIY file folder crate seats for their students to sit and listen. Another idea via Pinterest is to attach pockets on the wall. These are foam sheets that have been stapled to create pockets. In this example, the teacher has filled the pockets with books and has placed an ipod in cups for them to listen to the stories. However, you can put music on the ipod and then fill the pocket with markers and paper for your students to create art while listening to music.

Have fun setting up your listening corner and make it cozy and creative!

6. Music Centers

Looking to add a little variety into your music hour? Music centers are perfect and work well for both younger and older children! Just gather the items of your choosing for each center and set them up around your classroom. Choose a specified amount of time for students to spend at each center and then rotate them to another one. Some ideas for centers include:

  1. Classical Center
  2. Karaoke Center
  3. Rhythm Center/Note Knacks Play Center
  4. Video Center
  5. Workbook Center
  6. Hand Sign Center
  7. Music Game Center
  8. Music History Center
  9. Music Craft Center
  10. Cultural Center
  11. Book Center
We hope you have a great year in your music classroom! If you have any questions about having Prodigies be a part of your music education program, let us know, and we’d love to hear from you!

As always,


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