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Welcome to the Prodigies Ambassador Portal. This will be your base of operations for generating comission income!

If you have any questions, check out the tutorials below, or e-mail [email protected]

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Generating Affiliate Links

You can use the Dashboard (above) to generate referral links that earn you commission.

Using Direct Links

You can also use the Dashboard to whitelist your website. In other words, anyone that comes FROM your site to the Prodigies site will count as a referal. 

Sharing Affiliate Links to Social

Learn how to share your affiliate link to Facebook and other social platforms in this 5 minute video from Mr. Rob!

Featured Product: The Scholars Bundle – $50 Comission

The Prodigies Music Curriculum has three main components…bells, books and Playground Access.

The Scholars Bundle contains all 3 key components and is, without a doubt, the optimal way to experience the program.

The URL for the Scholars Bundle is below, and you can insert it into the Affiliate URL Generator above to create links that track your affiliate referalls.

Plus, the Scholars Bundle gives you an easy way to communicate about a “cost per student” with directors (essentially $200 per student).

Classroom Products

The Classroom products are essentially the same thing as the Scholars Bundle…just split in the consituent parts and package in bulk.

Why split them up then? Well, some customers will want more books than bells. Other more books than bells. Or maybe they just want Playground access. Splitting them up this way just gives you some flexibility in how you approach customers, schools, etc.

You can find the three main classroom products at

Catalog & Comissions

Product Catalog

Besides the Scholars Bundle and the Classroom kits, you can point potential customers to the links and products below.

Playground Access

The best return on your time. We are able to offer 25% or more comission on digital products so a sucessful Affiliate will focus their efforts here.

Prodigies Go ($20/mo)…………One-time $10 comission:

Prodigies Pro ($197/year)…………..One time $40 comission

Prodigies Lifetime (~$600 1-time all-access pass)……………….$100 comission on 1-Time Payment, $80 on 3 month & 6 month plan

Prodigies Playground Student Passes (12 pack of student level passes costs $700)……….$150 comission

Bells & Prodigies Instruments

All Bell Sells Earn Affiliates $2. We understand this isn’t much, but it is rare that the bells are actually profitable for the company once manufacturing and shipping come into play.

Classroom Kit C Major Deskbells (12 Bells x 2)………….$24 commission

Prodigies C Major Deskbells ($64)…………$2 comission (the bells cost a lot to manufacture, store & ship)

Prodigies Workbooks

Affiliates earn $1 per book sold.

If you’re selling classroom kits:

Semester 1 Books: Chapters 1-4 (4 Books x 12)………….$48 commission

Semester 2 Books: Chapters 5-8 (4 Books x 12)………….$48 commission

Prodigies Songbooks

Prodigies Workbook & Songbooks…………..$1 commission per each book

Marketing Materials & Ad Creatives

Marketing Materials

A good ad campaign has a few key components. To keep it simple, let’s talk about the most important two pieces, the Call-to-Action and the Ad Creative.

Below you can learn more about both the Call-to-Action and the Ad Creative.

Or if you’re ready to grab some Ad Creatives, check out this Google Drive folder that’s chock full of ad creatives! 

Step 1 – The Call to Action

1) The Call to Action

For one, you need a message and a call-to-action that’s clear! We tend to use things like “Join the Playground and Start Your Child’s Musical Journey Today” or “Give your kids the benefits of a music education without expensive music lessons.”

This will most likely be the headline of a flyer, a Facebook post, an e-mail or something similar! If you have a hard time coming up with a marketing message, you can use those ones above or try the formula below for making your own!

Ready to make your own call to action?

If you’re ready to make some calls-to-action of your own, a good place to start is with the template below…

“# ways to do ______ without ________.” In the first space, you’ll want something tangible, relatable and something desirable. I.e. “sing in tune,” “play your first musical instrument,” etc.

Then in the second blank space, you’re looking to hit a specific pain point. For parents who are busy the this might speak to their busy schedules or their love for their kids. We obviously want this to be honest, thoughtful and tactful. Lots of educational companies get a bad reputation for campaigns that essentially say “Buy this because you need the best for your kids.” That’s not a helpful call to action and it just puts people on edge. In other words, try to avoid being too blunt, demanding or unhelpful in your calls to action.

A better example would be “3 Easy Ways to get your kids singing in tune without expensive music lessons.” This is a little less than ideal because we obviously don’t want to scare people off from private music lessons.

The best example would be something like, “3 Easy ways to get your kids singing in tune from the comfort of home.” It’s accessible, it’s clear and it sounds genuinely helpful (which it is!). 

And just for another quick look at it:

Bad: “Buy this because you want the best for your kids”

Better: “This colorful and accessible program will save you lots of money on music lessons.”

Best: “Start your child’s musical journey with a program that’s easy, accessible and a ton of fun!”

Step 2 – The Ad Creative

The Ad Creative is just a fancy way of talking about the images or videos you use in your ad.

Cute picture of a kid playing the bells? Ad creative! Epic poster with Prodigies Playgound pictures? Ad creative! Video commercial with lots of kids playing the bell? Ad creative!

I think you get the idea…

We’ve put together a folder of marketing materials and ad creatives over at

And we’ve even put together a longer walk-through of how to pitch the Prodigies Playground.

As always, you can always reach out to [email protected] for more information abou the Affiliate Program!

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