Logging Into the App

Curious about how to login into the new Prodigies App? Checkout the quick video below!

Launch Day Has Arrived

Update #1 – July 30th, 10:22 PM HST

After years of building up our library of colorful and interactive music lessons on PreschoolProdigies.com, we’re heading to the small screen with apps apps app!

A brand-new Prodigies app is rolling out to iOS, tvOS, Roku, Android, AndroidTV and fireTV all today, Tuesday July 31st!

We’ll keep you posted with launch updates here, so check back soon for more news!

Prodigies Music Lessons is Live Inside the iTunes Store

Update #2 – July 30th, 11:20 HST

The Prodigies Music Lessons app is now live inside of iTunes! It’s not searchable just yet (give it a few more hours) but you can find it with the link above or by clicking here.

More platforms will be coming throughout the day! Some of the app stores have a mind of their own and we’re waiting just as anxiously as you are for Google Play, Roku and others!

If you’re on iOS though, get over to the iTunes store to download the brand-new Prodigies app for free! You can try 12 Free Lessons inside the Prodigies Prelude or login to your account

And please, take a minute top leave a 5 Star Rating and Review!! This helps other good folks like yourself find out about Prodigies, which in turn allows us to make tons more music lessons for you!

3 of the first 6 Playtime Prodigies Episodes Are Up in the App!

Update #3 – July 30th, 11:42 HST

Not only are we launching a new app today, but we’re airing a brand-new series today as well! A new app is a pretty big deal, but we wanted to make sure that there was something new for all of you long-time Prodigies Members, and so we’ve released the first 3 videos of Playtime Prodigies.

You can also find the videos here on PreschoolProdigies.com if you’re still waiting for Android app and itching to see Playtime Prodigies!

Plus, we’ll be releasing another episode on Wednesday August 1st, Thursday August 2nd and Friday August 3rd as well!

These episodes are only available to Prodigies Go, Pro or Lifetime Members. If you’re not a member, enroll today at PreschoolProdigies.com/shop for the best deals of the launch!

We’ve been pouring all kinds of crazy ideas, time and energy into these Playtime Prodigies episodes and what’s out today is the least of the whackiness coming your way on Wednesday and Thursday!

The App Is Live on Apple TV!

Update #4 – July 30th, 7:02 AM

Prodigies Music Lessons is now available on Apple TV! We’re still eagerly awaiting Android and Roku devices but they’re coming today as soon as they get cleared by their respective app stores!!