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7 Ways to Inspire Your Child’s Love of Music

Inspiring Children to Love Music Chocolates, cards, and little stuffed animals….it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Did you know that there are plenty of ways to inspire your children to LOVE music? So, along with your Valentine gifts, give your kiddos the gift...

Top 10 Classical Music Pieces for Kids

 Top 10 Classical Pieces for Kids January 29, 2018 by Michael     Classical Music for Children Maybe you've heard that listening to classical music is beneficial to children, especially in their early stages of development. Well, you heard it right! Multiple studies...

The Music Classroom of the Future…at least we think so!

We don't mean to shout about our own product so much, but we can't help but share this video with you all! When The Prodigies Playground launched two years ago, we always dreamed about what a full fledged Prodigies Classroom would look like....

The #1 Musical Instrument for Young Children

If you’ve ever been toy shopping for an infant, toddler or preschooler, you’re probably familiar with the music toy section.

From the simplest baby rattle, to kid-sized acoustic guitars, to light up musical puzzles, and to “oh-my-god-please-get-this-thing-to-shut-up” keyboards, most children end up with some kind of musical instrument or toy at some point in their childhood!

While some of these toys are really interesting in their look, their design, their features or their price (“a guitar for 30 bucks… no way!”) many of them are more toy than they are instrument.

The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

The Cognitive, Emotional and Socials Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument There is a plethora of research, articles and videos that explain all the different ways that listening to music and playing a musical instrument affect the brain. Here, I've simply...

Teaching Your Kids to Sing In Tune

From the most classic of playground chants to the songs from the latest Disney movie, kids love to sing.
They make up songs as they go in an uninhibited way that most adult songwriters envy. They learn many of their first words through song and music helps them transition from activity to activity.
But for all their love of singing, it’s pretty rare to find a kid who naturally sings in tune.

Top 5 Instruments for the Young Child

As a musician, a classroom teacher and a music teacher, I often have parents ask me what instruments to buy for their children. For years I recommended whatever one their child seemed most intrigued by as a means of fostering their love of music. Though...

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Sheet Music Sundays #5 – Apples and Bananas

  Welcome back to our 5th installment of #SheetMusicSundays where we get to preview the upcoming pages of My First Songbook Vol III. If you've been enjoying this series and haven't done so already, check out My First Songbook Vol I & II currently in The Prodigies...

Top 10 Music Activities for the Preschool Classroom

Preschool Music Activities Looking for some fresh ideas for music activities in your classroom? Check out a list of our top 10 preschool music activities! We have narrowed down some of our favorites for you to try all month long! 1. Classical Music Painting Pull out...

Teaching Children About the Orchestra

Orchestral Fun for Kids! Young children might surprise you how well they pick up on pitches and timbres (the sound that instruments make). Playing classical and jazz “high information music” has a marked effect in brain activity, and if you play this music during the...

Top 10 Valentine Songs for Kids

Music for Valentines Day! Need ideas for Valentine songs for the kiddos, or need background music for your Valentine party? Check out our playlist of the top 10 Valentine songs to get your children in LOVE with singing and dancing! The playlist begins with...