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The right musical instrument can make all the difference in the world! Read up on the best instruments for babies, toddlers and kids to make sure you and your family find the instruments that are right for you!


Making the Bells Quieter

Making the Bells Quieter Hey everyone!! Mr. Rob here with a quick tip about how to make my favorite instrument (the deskbells of course) a bit easier on the ears! Keep in mind that I'm not particularly savy with crafts and crafting supplies, and I look forward to some...

The #1 Musical Instrument for Young Children

If you’ve ever been toy shopping for an infant, toddler or preschooler, you’re probably familiar with the music toy section.

From the simplest baby rattle, to kid-sized acoustic guitars, to light up musical puzzles, and to “oh-my-god-please-get-this-thing-to-shut-up” keyboards, most children end up with some kind of musical instrument or toy at some point in their childhood!

While some of these toys are really interesting in their look, their design, their features or their price (“a guitar for 30 bucks… no way!”) many of them are more toy than they are instrument.

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