The 1st Annual Camp Prodigies – Enroll in our FREE Online Summer Camp

by | Jun 10, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce the first ever Camp Prodigies!

Camp Prodigies is going to be a week long online summer camp hosted right here on the Prodigies Blog! We’ll be posting 3 activities a day for the week of July 23rd.

By enrolling below, you’ll receive about 7 e-mails regarding Camp Prodigies (1 the week before with ALL the materials you need to run the camp, a daily walkthrough, and a final recap at the end).

Plus, we’ll be re-running the camp in a slightly less live fashion the following week, so if you want to see it all first or otherwise cannot participate the week of July 23rd, all the activities and resources will still be free through Friday August 3rd!

What kind of activities will you get as a part of Camp Prodigies?

  • Brand new videos and worksheets from Playtime Prodigies
  • Access to all of PsP Melodies all week long
  • Live Q/A with Mr. Rob and the Prodigies team (details TBA)
  • 3 easy, fun and educational activities for each day (worksheets, songwriting, nature walking, camp chants, bucket drumming, etc)
  • 5 days exploring 5 different themes touching on music, art, science, math and language

The day to day “schedule” for Camp Prodigies will look something like this:

  • Key Objectives for the Day

  • Resources & Materials

  • Main Activity #1 (Morning)

  • Outdoor/Gym Activity

  • Morning Practice Time

  • Main Activity #2

  • Lunch (optional, easy cooking activity)

  • Afternoon Quiet Activity

  • Main Activity #3

  • Outdoor/Gym Activity #2

  • End of Day Practice Activity

  • End of Day Movie Recommendation (optional)

How do I enroll?

To enroll, simply fill out the form below to make sure you receive all of the Camp Prodigies e-mails coming this July!

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