School Age Prodigies

Level 2 of Preschool Prodigies (coming 2017) is Designed with the Elementary School Student in Mind

Mr. Rob and the Preschool Prodigies team are expanding into the world of elementary school music education with School Age Prodigies.

School Age Prodigies (working title) is going to pick up where Preschool Prodigies left off. Indeed, it is the “Level 2” of Preschool Prodigies that we announced in Summer of 2016 and it will be a part of any Lifetime or Gold Memberships to the PsP Playground.

We’d love to hear what you’d like to see more of in School Prodigies! We really want to make sure it’s exactly what you need as an elementary school music teacher. Now is your chance to be heard before development really takes off in January 2017, so please let us know!

If you join the EsP specific newsletter below, you’ll receive a quick e-mail with 4 questions that will definitely help us develop an outstanding Level 2 for our program.

Thanks for the input! #HappyMusicing

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