NEW G Major Performance Prodigies Tracks

by | May 13, 2018

We just added a dozen new 3 Note G Major Tracks to Performance Prodigies and we’re sharing a preview of one of them here on the blog!

These tracks are great for the Elementary Music Classroom in that you can…

  • Get a few players on the percussion parts (low and high sound notated in the bottom),
  • Get a few players on the chord accompaniment (the Chord Triangles can be easily played by Boomwhackers, piano, bells, Orff mallets, etc)
  • Get a few players using the Solfege hand-signs (if you’re down for some Fixed Do – otherwise, ignore those!)
  • Get a few players playing the Melody (Bells, mallets, xylos, etc)
  • Get everyone (or whoever you’d like) singing with the lyrics, letter names, or colors
  • And maybe even get one student to conduct the group for some extra fun!

Then you can rotate kids through these stations until everyone’s gotten a fair amount of practice with the different elements of the video.

Benefits of Transposing Familiar Songs

Playing the songs we’ve learned in C Major in the key of G Major has lots of advantages and built-in ear-training lessons.

Playing familiar songs in a new key and with different notes helps to drive home the idea of the relative pitch, and the fact that songs are really made up by intervals and scale degrees, not just by note name! Relative pitch exercises like this will help your kids become more familiar with the tonic as a musical kind of home-base and help them see the value in understanding intervals as well.

Singing in G Major might also be a nice change vocally for your kids (or for you) depending on what your vocal range is like.

And for absolute pitch training, this will give your kids ample practice with G A and B, which is helpful considering the relative rarity of the note B throughout the C Major sections of the program.

Recorder Friendly

These G Major tracks are also useful for anyone looking for more Recorder material. Though they aren’t specifically Recorder Prodigies videos, they do feature the same three notes we learn in the Squire Level, so you can use all 12 of the G Major Performance Tracks easily with the Recorder.

Scope & Sequence

The G Major tracks will show up inside Performance Prodigies and you’ll also be able to find them in Chapter 7 of Preschool Prodigies, where they fit nicely as a final review of all these 3 note songs before we get into some more difficult songs in Chapter 8.

What’s Next in Performance Prodigies?

For similar reasons, we’re working on F Major versions of these songs as well (to go in Chapter 6). We’ve also begun making a series of 12 Mi Sol La songs in the key of F, so they become La Do Re songs (the same intervals/melodies of Mi Sol La, but now in F Major instead of C Major).

We hope you enjoy these additions to Prodigies! Happy Musicing!

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