Itsy Bitsy Spider Music Lesson – Free Lesson, Performance Track & Sheet Music

by | Oct 22, 2017 | Blog Posts, Boomwhacker Resources, Free Prodigies Resources

Itsy Bitsy Spider Performance Track & Sale Alert (2017)

Preschool Prodigies Itsy Bitsy Spider Lesson (2015)

Does your child LOVE the Itsy Bitsy Spider? Then this is the resource for you!

This week, sing, play and Solfége hand sign your way through the Itsy Bitsy Spider with free colorful sheet music for Boomwhackers and Chromanotes Bells!

Download the The Itsy Bitsy Spider Sheet Music Free!

You can use the sheet music in lots of different ways. You can…

  • Sing the song using the colors of the notes, the letter names OR the lyrics in Verse 1
  • Sing and Hand-Sign with the Solfége Hand Signs
  • Play Boomwhackers, Bells or Piano while singing
  • Cut the sheet music into pieces and have your student’s puzzle the piece back together in the correct order (or in whatever order they please).



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