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This page allows you to have a quick look at the curriculum outline. None of the links here are working, but you can get a very good feel for the flow of the program!

We also have a Free Starter Program that will take you inside some of the music lessons so you and your kids can get a feel for the videos and activities themselves!

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Introductions, Materials & Resources

There are a lot of good trick for optimizing your PsP Experience. For instance, installing this Google Chrome extension will allow you to playback the videos at slower or faster speeds (without affecting the pitch). If you just joined the Playground, or if want to learn more about the program, check out the modules below.

Starter Program



Resources (lite)

Chapters 1-8

Once you’ve got your bells and your workbooks in the mail, you’re ready to rock the core  Preschool Prodigies curriculum. Each chapter generally contains six bell lessons, one rhythm lesson and one listening game/assessment, as well as parent guidance and video annotations and occasional bonus lessons.

Chapter 1 – Hello C

Chapter 2 – Low C, High C

Chapter 3 – C and G, Best Friends

Chapter 4 – Do Re Mi

Chapter 5 – Mi Sol La

Chapter 6 – Fa La La!

Chapter 7 – Chords Chords Chords!

Chapter 8 – Hand Sign Review & More

The modules below contain the same lessons as the chapters above, but they organized by key concepts (like chords, rhythm, etc). The Sweet Beets module is particularly fun, the Chords module is particularly useful (because chords are difficult), and the Solfege Stars Module is for extra practice (with two bells in each lesson) that’s not featured in the core curriculum.

Sweet Beets

Chord Lessons (grouped for reviewing chords)

Song Episodes

Solfége Stars (extra practice)

PsP Melodies + The Rhythm Tree

PsP Melodies (hand sign practice)

PsP Melodies is a mini-series that introduces a lot of methodical practice reading the Solfege Hand Signs. The printables for PsP Melodies focus on transitioning kids from colorful music to black and white music.

Rhythm Treehouse (Level 2 Rhythms)

The Rhythm Tree is another mini-series that may eventually be spread across Primary Prodigies. It’s a methodical and slightly more advanced look the languag e of rhythm, and it moves away from the word rhythms used in  Level 1 (Beet, Cherry) and transitions to the Kodaly Method (Ta and Ti-Ti) and then to numeric rhythms (1 + 2 + 3 + 4).

Playtime Prodigies


Playtime Prodigies is a primer that prepares toddlers and non-English speakers for Preschool Prodigies. It focuses on reading simple words, learning numbers and colors through call-and-response songs, and on slowly introducing the Solfege Hand Signs. No instrument is necessary to use the primer, but you can always introduce an instrument later for added practice and more fun.

Chapters 9-16 (coming Winter/Spring 2017)

The next level of content, Primary Prodigies, is designed for elementary school children. This level begins to introduce the sharp and flat notes (bell extension sold separate) and focuses on reading music in the treble clef. We will play more difficult songs, in keys other than C Major, and begin transitioning to black and white music.

Recorder Prodigies

Tentatively Planned for Late 2017

Recorder Prodigies will be another mini-series that focuses on playing 5 note songs on the recorder (G A B c d). Like the other mini-series, it can work as a stand-alone course for recorder, or be part of a more holistic music education.

Percussion Prodigies

Tentatively Planned for Early 2018

Percussion Prodigies will be another mini-series that focuses on hand drums, percussion and even the drumset. There will plenty of rhytmic content spread out among all the Levels of PsP, but this mini-series will be especially for the drum-minded learners out there!

Piano Prodigies

Chapters 17-24 (coming late 2018)

Piano Prodigies will transition learners from the bells to the piano, while placing an emphasis on technique, dynamics, and music history. The curriculum will conclude with an emphasis on reading black and white music in both the treble and the bass clef, and will leave learners ready for a life-long pursuit of music on any instrument they choose!