PsP Melodies #10: “What Song Is It?” Compilation

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Melodies 10 is a special episode that reprises one of our favorite musical activities “What Song Is It?”

In this video, you and your kids will sing and hand-sign with some classic children’s melodies, while trying to figure out “What Song Is It?”

After we play the song through once (with the Solfege Hand Signs) PAUSE the video and ask your learners if they know what song it is! If you download the Melodies 10 Quiz, you can follow along with pencil and paper!

Melodies 10 will be the last Melodies episode for 6 weeks or so as we start producing Primary level content for the Prodigies Playground.

The first chapter comes out on April 4th inside the Playground and we hope to see you there!

PsP Melodies #9

Do Mi Sol Fa Mi Re Do

Great news everyone! PsP Melodies #9 is our very first video to use a more standard form music notation. We’ve completed almost 100 lessons using simplified iconic music and we’re excited to be graduating toward more advanced material!

This lesson takes places on the full treble clef, it features three different note lengths (whole, half and quarter) and it even features non-color coded notes toward the end. The Melody Card download is also slightly longer and more robust than usual…Primary Prodigies here we come!


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