NEW: Refer a Friend Program

This week, we’re proud to announce a brand-new, streamlined and simplified Refer a Friend program for Prodigies!

This program will help you earn store credit to spend on bells, books and whatever else you’d like from, while hopefully helping to spread the word about Prodigies at the same time!

Check out the Refer a Friend Welcome message from Ms. Sam below!



This new Refer a Friend program is a bit cleaner and easier than our current Ambassador program. You can think of it as the Ambassador Program for Prodigies Go Members, or as a stepping stone to the Ambassador program (which is only open to Pro and Lifetime Members).

What’s the difference between the Refer a Friend program and the Ambassador program?

  1. The Refer a Friend program is open to all Prodigies Members (Go, Pro and Lifetime alike)
  2. The Refer a Friend program grants you $10 in store credit each time one of your referrals is used (instead of a cash payout based on a percentage of sales, as is the case with the Ambassador program).
  3. The $10 store credit is a lot simpler for you as a Prodigies Member (and for our team), as it doesn’t require the tax paperwork that’s necessary in our Ambassador program.
  4. Your store credit can be applied to membership payments or to any order you place through, which means that by referring people, you can get your membership fees, bells or books paid for!

How does it work?

The Refer a Friend Program is super simple. You can…

  1. Share a link to via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or e-mail using the Refer a Friend Dashboard.
  2. When someone uses your link, any purchase made within 14 days will be associated with your account!

How Do I Get Started?

So long as you are a Prodigies Member, you can visit to open up the Refer a Friend Dashboard.

There you can share links over e-mail or social and get some basic tracking metrics on how your links are doing.

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