Start Your Child’s Musical Journey Today

Whether you an accomplished musician, a show-tunes-shower-belter, or a tone-deaf musical introvert, giving your kids a powerful musical upbringing can be easy, fun and rewarding.

Even if you don’t think your kids will aspire to be professional musicians, learning the language of music and playing a musical instrument  is fun, rewarding, and it correlates with success in numerous non-musical areas.

Below are a few key blog posts, video lessons and free downloads to start your child’s musical journey today!

The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

So you’re thinking about giving your child an early music education… great! In case you’re not sure exactly why teaching kids music is a good idea, this video does a great job of summing it all up!

In this video, you can see how playing a musical instrument is beneficial for the brain in a grander sense. You can also check out a lot more studies and information on the benefits of a music education here!

Next, we’ll look specifically at how playing music at a young age is uniquely beneficial.

Discover the #1 Musical Instrument for Young Kids

In our music lesson show, we use a colorful set of bells to teach kids the fundamentals of music and of playing their first instrument. Because the bells are colorful, they are easy to identify. Because they are individual notes, you can limit your child to only the ones they need for a given song, and because they are super durable, they can survive even the most aggressive of toddler behavior! In this blog post, discover why the bells make such an ideal starting instrument

Meaningful Exposure to Pitch: The Benefits of an Early Music Education

Did you know that children who grow up with “meaningful exposure to individual notes” develop a sense of pitch that is 7-8 times stronger than children who don’t?

Some children even get that kind of exposure from their native language. Learn more about the fascinating nature of perfect pitch and early pitch development and within a few minutes, everything we do hear at Preschool Prodigies will make much more sense!

Teaching Your Kids to Sing In Tune

Learning to sing in tune can be an abstract idea at first, but with some simple hand-signs and some choice resources, you can give your kids a solid framework for understanding and controlling their voice!

At What Age Should I Start and How?

Maybe your kids are already out of preschool or maybe they haven’t even begun yet!

In this post, look at the different ways to approach your child’s music education based on how old they are!

Kids have different strengths at different ages, and here we’ll look at the specifics of teaching infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children.

Music Lessons with Preschool Prodigies

Inside our video music lessons, Mr. Rob teaches kids rhythm through call and response songs, how to play their first instrument using colorful bells, and how to sing and hand-sign with the Solfége syllables.

Check out free starter lessons to get your kids singing, clapping and hand-signing their way to a musical ear today!

For a more comprehensive at-home music curriculum, our full library of video lessons and colorful curriculum is hosted inside The Preschool Prodigies Playground.

With the Playground, you will become your child’s greatest music teacher, even if you’ve never played an instrument.