Performance Day (Camp Prodigies Day 5)

by | Jul 27, 2018

It’s performance day! Are your campers ready to showcase their song selections?! They have spent all week preparing for this day and are probably bursting with excitement to show their families what they’ve been learning.

Start the day with a dress rehearsal. This should include how they will be entering and exiting the stage, who’s going to be near the microphone, testing the sound equipment, etc. Campers will want to wear the costumes they made on Thursday or a costume they have brought from home.

There will probably be lots of nervous excitement and anticipation. That’s okay! Use this time to speak encouraging words to each camper. Motivate them to do their best and have fun!

Parents will be just as excited as their children to hear the pieces being played! If you get a chance after the performance, try to speak to the parents and let them know how well their children did during the camp week. It’s always good to give feedback and establish good communication with the parents.

It may get a little hectic after the performance. Make sure you know which campers are going straight home with their parents afterwards and which campers will be with you for the remainder of the day. Campers will probably be pretty tired after the concert so try to keep a more relaxed schedule for the afternoon to give them a chance to wind down.

We are so excited each of you chose to participate in Camp Prodigies this summer! We look forward to seeing all of your pictures and videos of the performances! Enjoy performance day!

Check out the full lesson plan for performance day:



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