Primary Prodigies

Level 2 of Preschool Prodigies (coming 2017) is Designed with the Elementary School Student in Mind

Mr. Rob and the Prodigies team are expanding into the world of elementary school music education with Primary Prodigies.

Primary Prodigies is going to pick up where Preschool Prodigies left off. Indeed, it is the “Level 2” of Preschool Prodigies that we announced in Summer of 2016 and it will be a part of any Lifetime or Pro Memberships to the PsP Playground.

We’ll be releasing more teaster and preview type content below so read on for more details! And if you want to stay up to date about launch information, discounts and the like, join the e-mail list below!


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Primary Prodigies Production Schedule


The first Chapter of Primary Prodigies will come out on April 4th, 2017.


We’ll actually be releasing lessons prior to that as we create them inside the Prodigies Playground, but the Chapter will officially release on April 4th. The chapters inside Primary Prodigies will be signifigantly longer than the Preschool Prodigies chapter, so we aren’t making a ton of promises yet about the release schedule.


The plan is to have the first four chapters completed by Septemeber 1st, 2017. This should give elementary school music teachers plenty of content to work with for the first half of the school year, maybe even for the whole school year.


Then we will be working toward finishing the next four chapters in the last quarter of the year. 

Primary Prodigies Preview 1: New Sheet Music Style Revealed Inside the Latest Episode of PsP Melodies


Great news everyone! PsP Melodies #9 is our very first video to use a more standard form music notation. We’ve completed almost 100 lessons using simplified iconic music and we’re excited to be graduating toward more advanced material!

This lesson takes places on the full treble clef, it features three different note lengths (whole, half and quarter) and it even features non-color coded notes toward the end. The Melody Card download is also slightly longer and more robust than usual…Primary Prodigies here we come!


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