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…where we sing, sign & play our way to becoming amazing musicians!

Music Lessons Reimagined

Inside Prodigies, your kids will sing, sign and play with more than 250 music lessons like the ones above.

Both at home and in the classroom, Prodigies is a modern, colorful and accessible approach to learning an instrument, learning to read music, and developing a strong sense of pitch.

No matter your musical background, your kids will be singing, hand-signing and playing along in minutes. Start your child’s musical journey today. 

Your Kids Will…

  • Develop a strong sense for pitch, rhythm and music
  • Practice memorized pitch skills using the Solfege Hand-Signs
  • Learn to play their first musical instrument
  • Learn to read music in a fun, colorful and stress-free way
  • Sing about colors, numbers, letters and solfege
  • Write songs & complete cross curricular activities
  • Fall in love with the language and art of music

How It Works…

  • Prodigies combines bells, step-by-step workbooks and over 200 video music lessons to deliver the music education of a lifetime
  • Students focus on the fundamental building blocks of music in ways that are developmentally appropriate, memorable and fun
  • Prodigies focuses on the power concept of giving children “meaningful exposure to individual musical notes during the critical years of auditory development” which heps to develop a life-long sense of perfect pitch
  • Prodigies is accessed through your web browser, so simply fire up your computer, tablet or phone, visit PreschoolProdigies.com/Play and start #HappyMusicing

Why It Works…

  • Prodigies is color coded for error-proof learning
  • Prodigies presents the language of music in a way that’s colorful, accessible and fun
  • Playing a musical instrument is considered “a full body workout for your brain” and so the skills practiced with Prodigies helps all areas of cognitive development
  • Prodigies focuses on “meaningful play with pitch” while kids are still developing their sense for pitch and language and therefore is more effective than most music programs

What’s Inside Prodigies…

  • 250+ Video Music Lessons inside Preschool Prodigies, Primary Prodigies, PsP Melodies, Recorder Prodigies & Holiday Prodigies
  • 600+ pages of printable sheet music and curriculum worksheets (Pro & Lifetime)
  • Parent/Teacher resources including training videos, printable curriculum elements, read more sections, Prodigies calendar, lesson guides, video annotations and more
  • Marketing Materials and affiliate oppurtunities for Pro & Lifetime Members
  • Preview our library of video lessons at PreschoolProdigies.com/index

“Wow! This program is amazing and my kids who are 6, 4 and 2 absolutely love it! They are learning so much and always want it on.

As a musician myself this is such a great all rounded package with the videos downloadable sheets and lesson plans for parents covering so much about music and theory in a really fun way. Can’t believe my two year old actually sings solfege – I remember doing it at music college!”

– Amanda, United States


“My kids are both eagerly singing and playing along, often in tune too.  They give ‘concerts’ to anyone who happens to be around after a music lesson. I love how your program made our house come alive with music!  Thank you so much!”

– Marina, South Africa

“We homeschool our 5 and 7 year old boys, and we knew we wanted to include music education classes at some point… We love everything about the PsP program–the workbooks, the videos, the bells.

My kids are playing and singing with solfege, handsigns, numbers, colors, and the note letter names! They are speaking a whole new language!”

– Lauren, United States

What’s On Prodigies?

Inside Prodigies, you’ll discover over 250 video music lessons. The lessons are fun, interactive and extremely effective, and we’re always adding new lessons to keep your musical journey alive and fresh!

Learn more about the different series below and visit The Index to view our entire library.

How it Works

Bells, Books & Videos

With colorful and durable bells, step-by-step workbooks and over 200 video music lessons, you and your kids are ready for the music education of a lifetime! Simply login to the Playground, get out your bells, and start #happymusicing!

The Solfege Hand Signs

Each of our musical notes has a letter, a color, a Solfege name AND a Solfege Hand Sign. The hand signs connect the more abstract idea of pitch to a concrete physical motion. It helps with memorization, recall and with keeping children engaged. Plus, it’s an instrument free way to fire up your musical practice!

Curriculum Roadmap

Curious about the scope and sequence of what’s currently available and what’s coming inside Prodigies Lifetime? Click on the infographic below to learn more!

The Benefits of a Music Education

Discover the benefits of learning a musical instrument as well as the unique advantages of meaningful play with pitch during the critical period for auditory development.”

The Lifelong Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Did you know that playing a musical instrument is like doing a full body workout for your brain?

It’s a life-long skill that promotes cognitive, social and emotional development while bringing fun and joy to the whole family! And with the Prodigies Playground, you’ll be on your way in no-time.

The Unique Advantages of “Meaningful Play with Pitch”

Ever wonder what it takes to give children a knack for music? It’s really all about meaningful play with individual music notes, during the critical years of auditory development.

And while that might sound fancy, it’s a simple method thats highly effective & super easy for non-musicians to teach to their kids.

I can’t get her off her keyboard

– Jarrod, Australia


– Teaching-Children-Music.com

Mr. Rob is fun, energetic and engaging!

– Freja’s Mom

She’s obsessed with Sweet Beets

– Parker’s Mom

🎤 Sing and Hand-Sign with Solfége 👐

Singing with Solfége (Do, Re, Mi etc.) is the foundation of many early music programs. Just watch the Sound of Music again, and you’ll remember just how fun “Do Re Mi” can be.

We’ve also adopted the Curwen Hand Signs to give Solfége a kinesthetic component. The kinesthetic component helps develop memorized pitch as well as helps give shy singers a way to interact and slowly come out of their shell! Because the hand signs are color- coded with the rest of the program, it means that even if you don’t have a set of bells on hand, you can follow along with the appropriate hand signs.

🎶 Learn to Play an Instrument 🔔

TED Ed’s Anita Collins called playing a musical instrument “the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout,” which makes a lot of sense. Playing an instrument takes coordination, good timing and a mind dedicated to practicing, and it rewards you in all kinds of amazing ways.

By giving young children the color-coded bells, you’ve got an almost error-proof instrument that will stay in tune and is always ready to go. That makes the instrument more approachable than piano or guitar, so kids can focus on developing their coordination abilities and their sense of how the musical sounds go together without getting frustrated over their lack of fine motor control.

This means your child can get into the habit of practicing their instrument on their own, which helps turn them into an independent and life-long learner!

👂 Develop a Musical Ear 🎵

Did you know that children who receive meaningful play with pitch during the preschool years grow up with a sense for pitch that is 7-8 times greater than children who don’t receive play with pitch? The bells make it easy to give young kids meaningful play with individual pitches, while the videos present musical concepts in a fun and understandable way that will teach your child to recognize notes and chords, thus improving their sense of relative and perfect pitch.

Inside the Playground, we play listening games that practice listening to individual notes as well as chords. We present the listening exercises much in the way the Taneda method does, which has been giving children perfect pitch since the 1980s.

👏 Develop a Sense of Rhythm

Through call and response songs like Sweet Beets, and easy to follow rhythmic notation modeled off Note Knacks, we help your child develop their life long sense of rhythm. Whether you’re clapping along, drumming along, or banging some Boomwhackers like there’s no tomorrow, Mr. Rob’s energy and enthusiasm around all things rhythmic shines through and your child will be Ta-Ta-Ti-Ti-Taing themselves to sleep each night!

👶 Sing About Colors, Numbers and Letters 🎨

While singing and hand-signing with Solfége is great, we recognize that there are many ways to talk about the language of music. By singing about colors, scale degrees (the numbers one through eight), and the musical note names (A, B, C, D, E, F, G), not only do we reinforce the sounds of music, but we reinforce basic preschool concepts like letters and counting. It’s true that we’re usually only dealing with 8 colors, letters and numbers, but the variation is both fun and confidence-boosting for young learners.

🎼 Practice Reading Music

Teaching young children to read music is a big point of contention amongst music educators. Some people think it’s the only way to go, while others think it’s definitely the wrong thing to focus on.

Here at Prodigies, we believe that reading music is a skill that’s much easier learned by school-age children and that preschool children should focus on developing their musical ear.That’s essentially why we made a color-coded system, so that you don’t have to read music to play along. The colors guide you much the way labeling the notes can guide you.

This removes the biggest barrier and frustration from playing music: learning to read the grand staff. Instead, we focus on unleashing your child’s musical enthusiasm and creativity.

That said, plenty of the videos feature the treble clef, but WITH the color-coded notes. We do talk about how to read music on the staff, but we aren’t forcing them to learn the lines and spaces with black and white music just yet.

📝 Write Songs and Complete Cross-Curricular Activities

The integrated workbooks will have your kids writing their own songs, tracing the letters of the musical notes and much, much more. The workbooks reinforce basic preschool skills while teaching children the language of music!

🎹 Learn Basic Piano/Keyboard Skills

While the program focuses mostly on playing the Prodigies Deskbells, you can of course follow along on a piano or any mallet instrument! With a couple color coded stickers (or pieces of masking tape 🙂 ) you can be on your way to a colorful and accessible piano education in no time!

Prodigies Classrooms & Families in Action

“When I perused [the curriculum] I was completely blown away. The whole thing integrates so well with each other – the videos with the books, and the entire scope and sequence. This is a very carefully laid out, complete curriculum. Step one, step two, no guesswork on what to do, when to progress, etc.

The books are really cute too! The pacing and skills taught are perfect for preschoolers, but I would not hesitate to recommend it for older children too.”

– Tamsyn Spackman, Teaching-Children-Music.com

““I have a 9 year old and a 4 month old… and they both LOVE the program on two very different levels! My four-month-old enjoys the overall music, rhythms and beats…and mirrors us with as much coordination as she can muster.

Her favorite is when I pull out the drums!!! She just goes to town!!! My 9 year old enjoys participating as is and if it happens to be a little too easy for him, he will just pick up his recorder and play along with that! Such a great program!! Thank you!”

– Krissy Fulton, Mother of 2

“First of all, this curriculum is really effective. So far my classes are more fun, more satisfying, and getting every child to be engaged. So far, the students are singing very close to pitch and using fairly good singing voices. Also, the videos are very helpful to me as a teacher because I can spend more time watching the students for accuracy instead of the normal routine.”

– Nick (K-12 Music Teacher)

“I was worried my kids might take after my husband as far as musical talent is concerned (his talents lie elsewhere), until we started following PsP.  Our kids have been doing a leading international music programme designed for babies and small children since they were about 6 months old. To my disappointment, they never seemed particularly enthusiastic about music and my daughter, especially, never liked to sing.

Now, my kids are both eagerly singing and playing along with Mr Rob’s videos – often in tune, too.  They give ‘concerts’ to anyone who happens to be around after a music lesson to show off what they have learned (cue their long-suffering daddy).  I love how your program made our house come alive with music!  Thank you so much!”

– Marina, South Africa

Everyday Boo has music lessons w/ his bells! This is called Preschool Prodigies. It teaches solfege, simple songs, chords, and all sorts of other musical things. He hits his little bells and sings part of the songs.

He can already sing on pitch and knows several of the solfege names and their pitches. He doesn’t hit the right bell just yet in accordance with the correct pitch, but we are working on that. Children are never too young to learn music and sing on pitch. Just because he is two doesn’t mean he has to do “cute, off pitch” singing. Teach them early! Boo spends about 30 mins doing this…not because I make him but because he wants to. He gets so excited when I get his bells out!

– Michael Mandy Lining

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