Prodigies Story: Audrey

by | Aug 4, 2018

Hey there everyone! We have a Prodigies story to share with you this week! This testimonial comes from Katie & Robert Lamoreux who are the parents of Audrey, a 2.5 year-old who has fallen in love with Prodigies! Katie and Robert write:

“We discovered her fondness for Sweet Beats off of YouTube just after her second birthday; she was instantly hooked. Between my husband and I, we had our daughter’s playroom stocked with a guitar, piano, keyboard, and drum set since before she was even born. It was no surprise how quickly she got hooked on Mr. Rob’s videos. We knew a lifetime membership was a priority for our child and she is regularly asking for “Music School.” By the time we ordered her bells, she was already familiar with the introductory Preschool Prodigies videos.

The first video is a very brief clip from when she was just a year old discovering her love for rhythm. The second clip was recorded after we first handed her the C bell after it arrived, and she was thrilled to try it out and participate in the c-ya-later finale. The last video was filmed just weeks later of her practicing solfège.

As she is only 2.5 years old, we are allowing her to pace her learning experience at her own rate; and her interest has not diminished. We are looking forward to letting her indulge in this incredible learning opportunity throughout her childhood and are so thankful that Mr. Rob took the time to find an engaging, entertaining way to teach this art to growing minds.”

Wow! Audrey flew right through those solfege names! Great job Audrey and thanks so much for sharing!

Want to share your own Prodigies story?

We are looking forward to hearing more from Audrey as well as from some of you who are enjoying your Prodigies musical journey! Maybe your story will be featured next on the Prodigies blog! To submit a story, all you have to do is send [email protected]

– 3-6 pictures (or videos) of music time in action in your home or classroom.

– 3-6 fun facts about your musical journey (more or less one to go with each picture). They should be 1-3 sentences each (unless there’s something detailed you want to elaborate on).

– Make sure the word Prodigies Story is in the subject!

Also, your 4-6 photos and fun facts don’t have to be all about the bells or Prodigies. Getting some Prodigies in there would be good of course, but feel free to show off other facets of your music room/space that make it unique!!

Also, in case it wasn’t already clear, the stories will be shared publicly on our blog, so make sure you’re okay with having the pictures and fun facts you submit shared online. Likewise, feel free to use fake names or to share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing.

Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing all of your amazing stories!

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