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From: $12.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

As of the 2016-2017 School Year, Prodigies Go consists of

  • 8 Bell Chapters (48 videos) of music lessons that cover playing the notes inside the C Major Scale
  • Parent/Teacher Guidance for each video lesson
  • PDF versions of My First Songbook I and printable PsP manipulatives
  • 2 Rhythm Chapters (12 videos) with printable sheet music and rhythm activities
  • Pacing Guides and ‘Students-Should-Be-Able-To’ objectives for each chapter
  • Raising a Young Musician eBook
  • Access to our Members Only Playground Facebook Group
  • Downloadable Playground Audios for taking .mp3s on the go
  • BONUS: Two CDs (mp3 downloads) by Mr. Rob’s other project, Nature Jams. The two CDs “Food For Thought” and “Be Kind” are filled with catchy and thoughtful songs about nutrition, kindness and taking care of the planet!

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Meet Rob and Sam, hosts and creators of Preschool Prodigies!

Try the first official Playground lesson, Hello C! You can follow along with bells, Boomwhackers, a piano, or the Solfege Hand Signs!

Below is the first ever rhythm lesson from PsP, Sweet Beets. No instrument required!

The Preschool Prodigies Playground is a digital music curriculum that will teach your children how to play their first musical instrument while simultaneously developing their sense of perfect pitch.

Check out our good buddy Boo as he sings and signs through Jingle Bells!

See PsP in action in this longer video of students and classrooms playing along!

What People Are Saying

“When I perused [the curriculum] I was completely blown away. The whole thing integrates so well with each other – the videos with the books, and the entire scope and sequence. This is a very carefully laid out, complete curriculum. Step one, step two, no guesswork on what to do, when to progress, etc. The books are really cute too! The pacing and skills taught are perfect for preschoolers, but I would not hesitate to recommend it for older children too.” – Tamsyn Spackman,

“How to get a sleeping three year old out of the car in 1.5 seconds, “Your bells have arrived!” I’m not sure if her or my wife was more excited! Just wanted to say how much we appreciate all your help getting this sorted out! She’s been playing for about 2 hours so far, finally got the lessons up in the tv for her!” – Shane Whitehead

“I have a 9 year old and a 4 month old… and they both LOVE the program on two very different levels! My four-month-old enjoys the overall music, rhythms and beats…and mirrors us with as much coordination as she can muster. Her favorite is when I pull out the drums!!! She just goes to town!!! My 9 year old enjoys participating as is and if it happens to be a little too easy for him, he will just pick up his recorder and play along with that! Such a great program!! Thank you!” – Krissy Fulton

“Hi Rob, just want to say that we are really enjoying the curriculum! My daughter was amazed that she was able to write her own music!” – Rena Alexandra

“My kids are both eagerly singing and playing along, often in tune too. They give ‘concerts’ to anyone who happens to be around after a music lesson. I love how your program made our house come alive with music! Thank you so much!” – Marina la Grange

“First of all, this curriculum is really effective. So far my classes are more fun, more satisfying, and getting every child to be engaged. So far, the students are singing very close to pitch and using fairly good singing voices. Also, the videos are very helpful to me as a teacher because I can spend more time watching the students for accuracy instead of the normal routine.” – Nick (K-12 Music Teacher)

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1 review for Prodigies Go

  1. 5 out of 5

    My daughter loves to sing, and I wanted to introduce her to the basics of music. Private music lessons don’t fit into our budget right now, so when I heard about Preschool Prodigies, I thought I would give it a try. I have been so impressed with the online lessons. They are basic enough that a young child can understand and follow, and they are so much fun that she really enjoys sitting down and doing her lesson(s). The lessons are clearly well-developed and professionally done. Mr. Rob not only has a depth of knowledge about music, but also a wisdom about how to share this with young children. Many music teachers have one or the other of these traits, but not both. I am very impressed with the Preschool Prodigies program and so glad that I discovered it!

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