Raising a Young Musician eBook

Have a young music lover in the family?

Wondering how to take your child’s musical play to the next level?

Raising a Young Musician will show you…


The #1 Ingredient for giving children a strong sense for pitch and music

• How to use the Solfege hand signs for teaching your kids to sing in tune

• How to facilitate rhythmic play for kids at different ages

• What different kinds of languages show us about learning music

• What Blue’s Clues can show us about musical development

• How using color coded music makes your child’s musical play more error proof

Plus, the eBook coomes with lots of links to free PsP Lessons so you have plenty of material to get started!

eBook Previews

eBook contains 22 pages w/ checklists, charts, links to articles, videos & much more! 

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Discover the cognitive benefits of playing an instrument and the #1 Musical Instrument for Kids.

Plus, get access to 6 Lessons and worksheets and song sheets directly from our curriculum, the Preschool Prodigies Playground.

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