Sheet Music Sundays #1: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

by | Feb 11, 2018 | Blog Posts, Boomwhacker Resources, Free Prodigies Resources

Prodigies Songbook III is showing up with free sheet music on


Hello everyone and welcome to our #SheetMusicSunday Series!

Each Sunday from now until April, we will be posting a sample from the upcoming Prodigies Songbook III: An Accidental Journey.

Prodigies Songbook III will include a bunch of fun classics like Down by The Bay, Ants Go Marching, and even Greensleeves. A lot of these songs are in the key of G and use accidentals like F-sharp, so be ready for some new notes! If you’re rocking the deskbells, you’ll need the Chromatic expansion for the upcoming books and videos!

The Sheet Music Sunday series will use the Solfege Hand-Signs to practice singing and signing with thses super well-known melodies. Plus, you can always follow along on a set of Boomwhackers, Prodigies Deskbells or on a piano using some colorful stickers.

We hope you enjoy this weeks installment of Sheet Music Sundays and #keepmusicing!


Download the My Bonnie Free Sheet Music Below!

My Bonnie is a featured song inside the upcoming release of Primary Prodigies Chapter 2!

In Chapter 2, we’re focused mostly on the idea of intervals (the distance between pitches) and My Bonnie Lies over the ocean is a great example of the interval of a Major Sixth. Learning and memorizing these interval specific songs is a great way to help build you interval vocabulary!!

In the opening measure, we jump from a C up to an A, the classic example of the Major 6th. Most of the time when we run into these Major 6th type jumps, we’re outlining a 2nd inversion chord, by playing the Low 5 of a chord and jumping up to the 3rd of the chord. In the case of My Bonnie, we’re doing just that by going from the C (the 5th in the F chord) up to the A (the 3rd of the A chord).

To get the free sheet music, use the form below and we hope you enjoy My Bonnie!