Prodigies Deskbells

The #1 Musical Instrument For Kids
C Major Bells (Core Instrument)Expansion Sets

C Major Deskbells

Core Curriculum Instrument

  • Easy to play for young children and enjoyable for players of all ages
  • Colorful, durable and allow meaningful play with individual notes
  • Can be used with over 100 lessons inside the Prodigies Playground
  • Prodigies Deskbells¬†backed by 2 year warranty

Deskbell Expansions

  • Ready for more advanced musical play? Get 12 more Deskbells!
  • 5 Note Chromatic Kit adds sharps and flats (the black keys) to the C Major Core Instrument
  • 7 Note Extension Kit adds 3 lower notes and 4 higher notes
  • Required for Primary Prodigies Chapter 2 & Holiday Prodigies
  • Not required for Preschool Prodigies or PsP Melodies

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