Welcome to Sweet Beets!

Sweet Beet is a fruit and vegetable song that’s all about playing rhythm!

Originally, I wrote Sweet Beets for the Nature Jams album, Food For Thought, to teach kids about both music and the delicious root vegetable, beets!Food-For-Thought-Cover-e1419263719537

Since then, Sweet Beets has become a part of the Preschool Prodigies approach to teaching music, as it’s catchy chorus and call and response verses make it easy to teach kids about rhythm!

Sweet Beets is the perfect first drum lesson (along with Queen’s infamous use of the Ti-Ti Ta pattern in “We Will Rock You”) and you don’t even need a drum set to start practicing!

Free Kodaly Rhythm Lesson with Sweet Beets

The first Sweet Beets video, which was the pilot episode for all of Preschool Prodigies, features Beet and Cherry (and Mr. Rob with way too much hair!!).

The second Sweet Beets video comes from the PSP Playground, where a whole chapter of Sweet Beets videos takes kids from playing just Beet and Shh, to playing Beet, Cherry, Pineapple and Avocado (Ta, Ti-Ti, Triola, Tika-tika).

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