Welcome Teachers, to Music with Preschool Prodigies!


Preschool Prodigies makes playing music in a group setting easy, coordinated and fun!

Maybe you’re a preschool teacher looking to work a little more music into morning meeting, or maybe you’re an elementary school teacher looking for lesson plans and activities to get your kids playing together as an ensemble.

In either situation, you can use Preschool Prodigies to enhance the music making in your classroom.

Here you’ll find a variety of resources to arm your music classroom or studio with the ability to teach kids as young as 2 years old, and even younger if you feel so inclined!

Star Wars fun for the Musically Inclined

One of our most popular blog posts of all time, this video lesson and colorful sheet music make it easy for anyone to have fun playing Boomwhackers and bells with the galaxy’s most far away title theme.

This lesson is a bit on the longer side, but both the video and the sheet music is a good look at what kind of lessons and materials we create here at Preschool Prodigies.

Boomwhacker String and Xylophone – Boomwhacker Contraptions You’ll Love Part I & II

Boomwhackers are super popular in the music classroom and if you’re a music teacher, you probably don’t need me to tell you what to do with them!

That said, we’ve come up with some pretty whacky and fun activities for Boomwhackers that we haven’t seen anywhere else! Hopefully your students will love them as much as our students do.

Both contraptions are inexpensive, relatively easy on the DIY scale, and highly effective!

In Part I, discover the Boomwhacker String, which is a super fun gross motor music activity that’s great for duets and outdoor jam sessions!

In Part II, build a Boomwhacker Xylophone with the most basic of DIY skills. These make great gifts and inexpensive classroom xylophones for programs that can’t afford typical Orff insturments.

Music Curriculum from Preschool Prodigies

Inside our full length curriculum, The Preschool Prodigies Playground, Mr. Rob teaches kids rhythm through call and response songs, how to play their first instrument using colorful bells, and how to sing and hand-sign with the Solfége syllables.

You can check out some free starter lessons to get your kids singing, clapping and hand-signing their way to a musical ear today and see what you think of the curriculum!

The Playground works well for preschool classrooms looking to incorporate more musical play into their day. Use the videos and books during morning meeting, a designated music time, or as an center in your classroom! Follow up with printable activities to reinforce basic preschool concepts while diving deeper into the world of music.

For Elementary School Music Teachers, Preschool Prodigies is still a highly effective way of getting your kids to play musical instruments together. The show presents easy color-coded arrangements that make Boomwhacker ensemble playing super easy. The videos won’t replace you as the music teacher, but rather give you an easy way to get your youngest students playing together as an ensemble.

Many of the activities in the workbooks are still relevant to kids in grade K-2. From identifying chords, notes, steps and skips, to writing your own music, our curriculum and colorful songbooks are a strong supplement to a pre-existing curriculum.

Meaningful Exposure to Pitch: Redefining Preschool Music Curriculum

Did you know that children who grow up with “meaningful exposure to individual notes” develop a sense of pitch that is 7-8 times stronger than children who don’t?

Most preschool music curriculum focuses on music and movement and on playing non-pitched instruments, neither of which develop the ear’s sense for pitch and harmony. It’s not that music and movement isn’t great, but it doesn’t give children meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical period of auditory development, which is the key to giving children the amazing musical gift of perfect pitch.

Learn more about the fascinating nature of perfect pitch and early pitch development and within a few minutes, everything we do hear at Preschool Prodigies will make much more sense!

Discover the #1 Musical Instrument for Young Kids

When you’re wondering what instruments to buy for your kids, there’s a definite list of usual suspects; piano, violin, guitar, drums, and the recorder.

While all of those instruments are great in their own way, they aren’t specifically designed for giving young children meaningful play with individual notes.

Not only are these colorful deskbells ideals for isolating individual notes, they are durable enough to withstand your toddlers!

Learn more about the Chromanotes Deskbells and why the make the ideal starting instrument for young kids!

Teaching Your Kids to Sing In Tune

Learning to sing in tune can be an abstract idea at first, but with some simple hand-signs and some choice resources, you can give your kids a solid framework for understanding and controlling their voice!