The explosion of tablet hardware and software over the last decade has changed a lot about how I teach music.

On my iPad, for instance, is more sheet music than I could carry in a 30+ lb backpack, more instruments (albeit digital) than an average high school band, and more music games than even I could ask for.

In the free report below, I go through the Top 10 iPad Apps I use in my music lessons and classes everyday. If you’re a music teacher or your child is a music lover, this report is for you! No e-mail or submission required – just a quick little PDF for free!

Top 10 Music Apps for Young Children

You won’t be disappointed in the list and your child will love their new collection of apps!

UPDATE: Guitar Bots and Piano Maestro (both apps are mentioned in the list) have become Yousician and Simply Piano respectively.

PS: None of the links in this post or report are sponsored or affiliate links! These are purely personal recommendations.